With many years of advising clients on the best way to approach your new patio, you are in very good hands. There are numerous factors to consider when planning your new Patio. This includes the size of your desired patio, the materials, budgets, designs & layouts, colours, textures, etc.

It’s always a good idea to call us and get the advice for free. We can guide you & hold your hand on the journey so that ultimately, you end up with the best patio for the right price and designed to look exactly as you have it in your mind.

If You are looking for professionalism, reliability, guaranteed workmanship and a friendly service with no pushy hard-sell. We take pride in our approach and we love helping you get the results you’re looking for in a simple, no-nonsense way.

Benefits of installing a new Patio:

  • Provides a beautiful outdoor space
  • Enhances property values
  • Makes better use of the garden area
  • A fun, clean area for children / grandchildren to play in

We are experts in general landscaping & are happy to advise on any component, whether that’s garden fencing, walls, slabs/paving, decking, decorative bark, etc.

As always, we work to the highest 7 industry-accepted standards on every project and we acknowledge that no 2 projects are ever the same.  Each patio requires careful planning in meticulous detail.  You will approve the project before any work is undertaken so as to ensure that your vision is the one, we are working to.

Once the work is done, we are sure to leave your garden looking clean and tidy so that you can begin enjoying it immediately.  Invite your friends and family over to see your beautiful new installation.

We will advise on the upkeep of your new patio as well. Patios can fall victim to moss & algae.  Therefore, it’s important that the patio is professionally cleaned (pressure washed) and any repairs are undertaken.  We will gladly advise on these aspects of landscaping.